5 More Reasons To Hire A Senior Move Manager

Mom’s ready to relocate or ready to go through her lifetime of possessions.  Deciding what to take on a move, what to keep, what to give to heirs can be difficult.  The sheer volume of stuff can be overwhelming.  I can make downsizing easier for everyone involved.

  1.  Third-party Observer ~ A dispassionate senior move manager can often be a happy go-betweeen for all family members.  Mom or Dad may be emotional about the move, or possessions as well as the kids.  I can help serve as a non-emotional helper.
  2. Experience – I know moving companies you can rely on, how to put together a moving sale, have resources where you can donate items no longer needed.
  3. Save you money – although I am an investment ~ consider the time, energy and costs for family members to commit to working nights and weekends to help.
  4. Save Time – focus and efficiency are two of the most important reasons to hire a senior move manager.  Having dealt with seniors in the past, I know first hand the emotional toll it takes.  I can help you stay focused and on the emotional and physicals tasks while also keeping the process moving.
  5. Support After the Move – I make sure Mom or Dad is set up in their new residence, setting up rooms and arranging possessions so they are comfortable.

I serve the Metro Louisville area with my services and would be happy to talk with you about the using me to help downsize your possessions and/or help coordinate your move.