5 Reasons to Hire a Senior Move Manager

Mom is ready to relocate to a smaller space or a senior living community.  She also has a lifetime of possessions in the family home.  Deciding which things she’ll take with her and which she’ll part with can be difficult – but I can make downsizing for everyone involved.  Here’s why:

  1.  Downsize in an Organized and Dignified Manner – I acknowledge the time it takes to accumulate a lifetime of possessions, and will take time to go through everything with the senior parent.  Even if no move is involved and the you need help downsizing clutter, I will do all the same things as if you were moving.  Enjoy your memories and revisit those keepsakes and momentos.
  2. Gives you more control – where ever you are moving, it’s important you are in control of the move and your possessions.  You choose the place ~ I help you get there with the items that are most important.
  3. Expert attention to detail – Since it has taken you many years to accumulate a lifetime of possessions, I will work with you for weeks, sometimes months, prior to the move and go through everything to determine what can be sold, repurposed and recycled.  There are several options and the dumpster is our last resort.
  4. Decreases Family Stress – By having me coordinate the move or the downsizing it takes way a lot of stress for everyone and help to keep families focused on what is best for Mom or Dad.
  5. Solve problems you never anticipated – I have all kinds of creative tools and strategies to help support you.

Moving into a new space after many years in your current home doesn’t have to be stressful ~ I can help.  I assist families in the Metro Louisville area to downsize and move everyday.  Let’s talk about how I can make your move easier.