Downsizing? How coaching can help.

Coaching is a partnership between coach and client.

As a Downsizing Coach, I “wear lots of hats” when working with Seniors and their families.  It is not uncommon to switch roles from project manager, consultant, organizer, to counselor and sometimes mediator. Because my mission is to partner with Seniors and empower them and their families, my favorite “hat” is that of coaching. 

I was a basketball player in high school and have spent many years both on the court as a player and on the sidelines as a coach.  And I’m taking that experience to apply to my current role.  While most are familiar with coaching in sports, people today are utilizing coaches to help them improve their personal life, business performance, job hunting skills and a host of other endeavors.  While the term “coach” has become a bit of a catch-all description, engaging an objective professional to offer direction, resources and accountability can have real benefits.  A coach helps the client to achieve their goals. 

I recently was hired to help Kathy and Sam move her mother into assisted living from a patio home.  They knew what they needed to do and when they wanted to have the move completed.  They just didn’t know how or where to begin, and the overwhelm was creating stress for them.  We talked about a plan of what furniture to move into the new apartment and where to begin with what was left at the patio home.  I coordinated moving the furniture and belongings to the new home for mom.  After mom was settled, I spent time with Kathy and Sam helping them stay focused on one area at a time in the patio home, and provide resources for the things they needed assistance with, such as hauling off unwanted items, and taking items to be donated.  We spent time together going through items, packing what they wanted to take with them and packing items to be donated to various organizations.  After discussing plans and strategies they worked on their own to complete various tasks to get the home on the market for sale.  Afterword, Sam said “we accomplished in about 10 days what we thought would take two months.”

My clients are no different than anyone else.  They too need someone who can objectively assess their situation, shorten the path to their goals and follow up to keep them moving forward.  That’s the role of a Coach and what I love most about my work!

Sarah Hodge is the Head Coach at Property Partners 502, LLC.  She offers in-person coaching for downsizing and Seniors who need help transitioning to a new home.