Estate Management

Are you a Personal Representative for an Estate and looking for help and unsure how to articulate exactly what you need? Do any of these sound like you?

  1. Figuring out where to start with a house full of possessions you’ve inherited.
  2. Downsizing a lifetime of possessions before a move to a smaller space.
  3. Need an extra set of hands to help you sort and/or organize things.

We all have lives that are busy and filled with all the fun things life has to offer. After my parents passed away I was left with cleaning out our family home, running a business and managing our family. It was a lot. This is what lead me to begin helping others who might be in similar situations.

I offer a free consultation to help you evaluate exactly what you need and how we can best work together to accomplish this. If we decide to work together, each 3 – hour session is conducted at your location and you can be there or not.

I work in these three ways.

  1. The fist being by your side every step of the way. I work with you to help sort, organize and decide about each item.
  2. I can also do this alone, sorting items into categories and then my client will decide what to do with the items.
  3. If you have already sorted everything and are in need of resources for recycling, donating, moving, consignment or disposal, then I can manage that process for you.

Transitions can be difficult; emotionally and physically. I offer my clients an extra set of hands, an emotionally unattached perspective and resources to help manage the process of an Estate or Downsizing. All these items in one place. My goal is to help you honor your loved ones legacy and wishes and provide support to you along the way.

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