Louisville Estate Property – How to manage a lifetime of possessions after mom and dad are gone

After my father’s death last fall, my sister and I have been faced with the task of selling our family home, going through belongings and finding appropriate homes for everything.  I’m sure there are many people in similar circumstances here in Louisville, trying to find help dealing with an estate after a loved one has passed.  This process can be very difficult, both logistically and emotionally.  Estate planning lawyers can help families set up a ‘game plan.’  And it is best to do some planning before someone passes as it is better to know someone’s wishes before they pass away.  My parents did detailed estate planning for their finances but the possessions were left without any directives.

Even if there is a plan in place ahead of time, via a Will or Trust there are still many decisions and actions that need to be taken.  You still have the task of selling the property and figuring out how and where to dispose of all the contents that relatives do not wish to keep.  This process is made more difficult if there was no prior planning done.

Our company is unique by partnering with you to help you manage the many belongings left in a home after someone’s death.  We work with a team of folks who can assist you in determining what to do with the home’s contents.  We can help with donations to charitable organizations,  estate sales or auctions, clean out companies, movers and cleaners.

If you’re dealing with a home you’ve inherited and need some advice or guidance about where to begin, give us a call, no obligation.  We will meet with you so our best to help you through this difficult time.


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