We can help you with the overwhelm and confusion of the Probate and Estate process. 

We’ve been there. 

selling older home in LouisvilleFeeling confused? 

Overwhelmed with all you need to do? 

Unsure where to start? 

Let us help.  

Being appointed the Personal Representative (formerly the Executor/Executrix) of a loved one’s estate can be an emotional and daunting task.  Most who are in your position have never been through the process before, there’s lots to do and lots to learn.

While you are in the midst of your living your own life, you now have the difficult task managing the estate and taking it through the probate process.  You’ll need to gather and maintain assets in the estate until they can be sold and then distributed to the heir(s).  In addition, you’ll need to file forms, complete tax returns and provide an accounting with the Court.

Do you have a property to sell? 

This is where we can help.  We have helped families in Louisville with estate properties for over 15 years.  No situation is the same.  And we can provide and offer many different solutions.  After meeting directly with Sarah and Ken, we will create a customized plan to help you navigate the process so the estate can be closed in a timely manner.

Most often we find the property needs repairs from deferred maintenance and is outdated.  Fortunate for you, we buy properties in any condition, pay cash and offer a closing where we handle all the phone calls and details.

Can’t face cleaning out the house?  

A few years ago, Sarah found herself in the position of having to clean out her father’s assisted living apartment and her family home after he passed away.  Figuring out where to start and who could help, were the greatest challenges.

The estates homes we deal with most often were owned by those who grew up keeping everything ‘because we might need it someday’  Heirs go through the house looking for sentimental and valuable items and then lose steam when faced with what’s left.  They don’t have the energy, time or resources to deal with anymore.

We’re here for you.  As part of our offer to buy the property, we will finish the job for you.  Take what you want and we’ll take care of the rest.

Letting a house sit only costs the estate more money and your time.  Let us help you save money and time.

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